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Simon Harrison Ltd is proud to support The Tigray Trust which works with village communities in Tigray, Ethiopia in finding ways to make their lives sustainable in the face of extreme poverty and the ever-growing threat of drought and famine – exacerbated by climate change.

Over the last two years the charity has worked to help make lives sustainable in the village of Are Bahri. Each farmstead has received high quality tef seed (from which they make the local bread) for sowing at the beginning of the rainy season and a small orchard of fruit trees – mango, papaya, turungo (a local citrus) and guava. Together with the supply of chickens for breeding/eggs and bee colonies and hives farmers are able to trade their surplus.

For more information visit the charity’s website: www.tigraytrust.org

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Villagers Of Are Bahri - With Vegatable Seeds A Well - Hand Cut From The Rock Ari Bahri - Village Meeting