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Our Team

Our company is built on a foundation of specialist knowledge. Our directors see it as their role to provide an exciting, nurturing and fulfilling working environment to motivate and get the best from our team. Our managers are all industry leading experts within their field. Our sales and administration teams have proven track records of driving substantial growth. Our design and craft teams have a total of 250 years of jewellery making experience between them. However, we are never complacent about knowledge. Every member of our team is encouraged to seek out training opportunities and learn new skills, so that we can sustain our ability to change and improve.

We share a strong work ethic, which defines our team culture. Everyone on our team is dedicated to helping their colleagues achieve success in their roles. One of the founding principles of the company is that growth for everyone comes from the support of colleagues and the free flow of information. Authority is shared or given according to ability to achieve a particular task. It is our philosophy that by thoughtful communication we all help each other to grow. We spend a significant part of our lives at work, so being respected and valued for our work is at the core of our motivation and nurtures our self-esteem.

We design and make our own jewellery collection under the name Simon Harrison. This is a truly collaborative process where every member of our team contributes to our success by working to the highest level of their expertise. Our own jewellery collection is vital to our long term sustainability as a team and is an expression of our company’s attitudes and philosophy. It benchmarks what is achievable at the highest level of fashion jewellery and what is exceptional about our team.

Our Customers and Clients

We honour and respect the retail customers who wear our jewellery. We would never take their loyalty for granted. We always aim to offer our customers inspirational designs at the highest product quality and best value for money.

We also sustain long-term business to business relationships with our wholesale customers by committing to excellent service. When compared to our competitors, we see it as our aim and responsibility to be identified as the most pro-active, reliable and best long-term supply partner that our wholesale customers could possibly want.

We have built long-term, collaborative relationships with our client brands contributing to their profits and enriching their brand culture. We are not afraid to go the extra mile, to muck-in and help our client brands to achieve success wherever we can.

The delivery and invoicing of goods is not the end of our sales process. We work closely with our client brands, wholesale customers, distribution partners and retailers, helping them to optimise full price sell-through of our products. We travel worldwide to help our partners to trade successfully by providing support with stock management, visual merchandising, product information and sales training.

Our Supply Partners

In pursuing our goals we encourage and support our supply partners to raise their standards to meet the challenges of an ever-changing industry and world market. We share technical expertise and know-how with our supply partners and we encourage their development by training their craftsmen and administrators. We respect their values and aspirations; forming open, trusting and rewarding relationships based on truth and fairness.

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