Jewellery Licensing: Service

Range Planning
The commercial team at Simon Harrison Ltd have a proven track record of success. They begin by drawing up a long-term jewellery range plan specifying retail prices and the mix of product. This will be individually tailored to the positioning of the client brand and its distribution strategy.

Design & Product Development
Our designers work closely with each of our client brands’ own design and product development teams to create authoritative jewellery collections which are uniquely complementary to each brand. Creating a distinctive style for each brand is crucial to maintaining the brand’s visual integrity. A strong brand identity for any jewellery collection will drive sales success at retail. Once designs have been approved by the brand, our in-house team of highly skilled jewellery craftsmen produce one-off master models of the jewellery for approval. These master models then become the foundation of the jewellery manufacturing process.

Manufacturing Process
Simon Harrison Ltd maintains specialist fashion jewellery production facilities and a team of jewellery craftsmen at its main London headquarters. The company also has a series of production partners in South East Asia, managed from Hong Kong. If required, the team in Asia can ship finished goods directly, reducing transportation costs and cross border duties.

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